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Advanced Bone Regeneration Technology Developed for Foot & Ankle Surgery

InduceXT is a human allograft which contains multiple growth factors naturally found in human bone. The bioimplant is created using the proprietary NMP (Natural Matrix Protein) Process that unlocks growth factors, including BMP-2, BMP-7, TGF-ß1, VEGF, and PDGF, making them more bioavailable for bone regeneration.

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Foot & Ankle

NMP Technology

Demineralized Bone


Growth Factors Locked in Matrix with Limited Osteoinductivity

Processed NMP Bone

Matrix Blue.png

Growth Factors Unlocked from Matrix and Bioavailable


*Infuse is a trademark of Medtronic

Osteoregeneration Image_F+A.png


The NMP Bioimplant has been shown to form more bone of a better quality than rhBMP-2 in animal studies.

Bone Quantity_F+AWeb.png
Bone Quality_F+AWeb.png






MicroCT images of DBM, rhBMP-2, and NMP implants 28 days post implantation

Gray mass is unmineralized tissue. White areas within the mass are mineralized bone, which was confirmed by histology.

Preparation and Handling

InduceXT is made up of long fibers, micro particulates, and mineralized cancellous bone. 

  • Packable and able to withstand irrigation at the fusion site

  • Shelf-stable with a 5-year shelf life

  • Rehydrates with saline, bone marrow aspirate or blood in 5 to 10mins

For Surgeons

InduceXT NMP Bone Graft was developed exclusively for Foot & Ankle surgeons seeking and alternative to current market offerings. 

Please contact us to be connected with a member of our team. 

For Distributors

InduceXT NMP Bone Graft is designed for independent distributors seeking a one-of-a-kind premium bone graft to compete with current market offerings. 

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an independent distributor. 


NMP Fibers, NMP Micro Particulates, and mineralized cancellous bone








1. Kohen et al. Evaluation of the Natural Matrix Protein (NMP) bone allograft in vitro and in vivo. JBMR (2023) 38:S1 p342.

2. Data on file. 

3. Peel SAF. The bone-forming potential of Natural Matrix Protein (NMP) bioimplants compared with cellular, peptide, and growth factor-enhanced bone graft substitutes. Presented at: The 38th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Biomaterials Society; Jun, 14-17 2023; Halifax, CA.

4. Induce Biologics NMP IFU.


Results from in vivo laboratory testing may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans. NMP products are intended for use as a bone void filler for filling voids and gaps in the skeletal system that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure.


Storage & Handling

NMP Bioimplants are freeze dried and sterile and should be stored at ambient temperature. To rehydrate and prepare product for use, cover allograft with whole blood, bone marrow aspirate (BMA), Lactated Ringers, normal saline, or other isotonic solution of choice. Please see Instructions for Use (IFU) included with each product for more information.

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