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NMP  Bioimplants: Foot & Ankle


Room Temperature Storage & Sterile

NMP™ bioimplants are available in a variety of forms including fibers, particulates, and strips. They are tissue-based products that meet the criteria for regulation solely under section 361 of PHS Act and are considered 361 HCT/P.

NMP™ products are sterile and can be stored at ambient temperature. At time of use, the NMP™ product packaging is opened in the operating room, and it is recommended that the NMP™ Product be rehydrated with blood, sterile saline (0.9%), or other sterile isotonic solution (as determined and provided by the clinician). Each product package contains an Instructions for Use (IFU) that should be reviewed for specific product information.


NMP Fibers, NMP Micro Particulates, and mineralized cancellous bone


Storage & Handling

NMP™ Bioimplants are freeze dried and sterile and should be stored at ambient temperature. To rehydrate and prepare product for use, cover allograft with whole blood, bone marrow aspirate (BMA), Lactated Ringers, normal saline, or other isotonic solution of choice. Please see Instructions for Use (IFU) included with each product for more information.

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